A downloadable CharlesSausage for Windows

Charles Sausage is only starting his adventure and quest to take over the world and will start it by escaping from the grocery store! This game is about a sausage named Charles and he is on a conquest to take over the world this is the first but not last Charles Sausage game. It is my first game that I have made almost completely independently.

Charles sausage is what I like to call a *one way game* meaning you can only travel in one direction I was originally gonna make it so you could move backwards on the boss fight but that failed miserably, I almost ruined the game doing that!

Can you help Charles Sausage escape from the barn to the grocery store in one peace?


This CharlesSausage is currently unavailable


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Sorry for the delay I was cleaning up the game and my PC died so I have been remaking about 25% of the game.

Enjoy the game!

Enjoy the game!